• The Archaeologist of Akrotiri
    She Said He Said I Said – New Writing Scotland 35
    August 2017

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  • 8

    Quantum Gravity Or: The Pigmy Marmoset and the Prefabricated Concrete Bungalow
    I Am Because You Are
    October 2015

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  • 1

    Precognitive Abilities
    Songs of Other Places – New Writing Scotland 32
    July 2014

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  • 10

    Save The Sea Turtles
    Scottish Book Trust New Writing Sampler
    May 2013

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  • 12

    December 2011

    Prize-winning fiction from the Unbound Press and Spilling Ink competitions.

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  • 14

    Snow Melts
    A Thousand Cranes: Scottish Writers for Japan
    October 2011

    All profits go to the Japanese Red Cross

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  • 16

    Our Little Joke
    Let’s Pretend: 37 Stories about (In)fidelity
    October 2008

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  • 6

    Extract from Burning Rates
    February 2011

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  • 17

    Save The Sea Turtles
    February 2013

    Save The Sea Turtles was broadcast on BBC Radio 4, performed by Paul Young, as part of the Scottish Shorts series.

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  • 18

    Take Tea With Turing
    January 2013

    Take Tea With Turing is an anthology of creative work inspired by the life and legacy of Alan Turing. The anthology is available as a free-to-download app.

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  • 13

    Once Upon A Universe
    The science & writing collaboration at the Galloway Astronomy Centre.
    November 2011

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  • 19

    Social Media Week: Very Short Stories
    September 2011

    Social Media Week (SMW) was a worldwide social media festival which took place in cities throughout the world. The winner of the very short story competition was Helen Sedgwick.

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  • 15

    The Girnin Gates: Changing Ways of Life in Drumchapel
    Collection edited by Helen Sedgwick
    November 2009

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Publications Reviews

"One hundred years after Einstein altered our view of the universe, a new collection of short stories is a fitting tribute to his creative genius."
Independent Review of I Am Because You Are

"Sparkling with wit and originality, making a virtue out of the frail humanity of science, these stories perfectly reflect the breathtaking poetry of Einstein’s greatest theory."
Michael Brooks,
author of 13 Things That Don't Make Sense
Review of I Am Because You Are

"Such is the display of writerly talent on display here that we are reminded that, as with space and time, the possibilities of literature will likely never cease to astound, amaze, and inspire us."
Nothingintherulebook Review of I Am Because You Are

"These stories form as strong a collection as I've read in a decade or more."
Ian Rankin Review of Let's Pretend

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